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2 IN 1 Camping Lighten Fan | Best Choice Products

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2-IN-1 Camping Lighten Fan

Are you in search of a convenient camping light? Are you tired of the discomforting hotness and lack of cool fresh air in your tent? Having problems falling asleep in your humid tent while camping?

Well, we feel you. We have a solution that will solve your headaches & make your outdoor adventures more pleasurable!

Introducing the 2-in-1 LED Camping Tent Fan Lantern.

As a super handy dual-purpose camping accessory, the 2-in-1 fan & light combo is sure to bring coolness, air & brightness into your trips.
With its 2-in-1 functionality, versatility, quality, and durability, it is a smart, no-brainer, purchase for any outdoor adventure aficionado.

Your long-awaited camping lifesaver!

Multi-Purpose Versatility

Extra Visibility

Enjoy amazing brightness outdoors with 18 LED Lights. No matter if it is a 2-person or 4-person tent, the LED camping tent lamp will illuminate the area with a convenient light.

Hang it on the ceiling, tent, or tree branch for suspended operation, or adjust to a sitting angle that suits your needs. Brighten your leisure activities you love doing at night. Poor lighting is not a limit anymore!

Refresh Your Tent

Bring instant refreshment into your tent with the cooling fan. Pick between 2 adjustable fan rolling speeds: select high speed or low speed. The innovative design allows the tent fan to sit up comfortably for you to have refreshing air coming at you from any angle you desire.

Long Battery Life

Forget about those cheap ceiling Fan LED Camping Lanterns with poor battery life! We remastered the cooling fan LED Lantern to be super-efficient. The results? Up to 30 hours of heavy usage or up to 50 hours of low to moderate usage! Can’t get better than that! Just get 2 D batteries and create lasting camping memories.

Durable & Water Resistant

The amazingly-sturdy and weather resistant build are engineered to resist light rain conditions. Use the fan light inside or outside the tent and enjoy bright LED light, even with a light drizzle. Additionally, make use of the light while hiking, backpacking, fishing or in any other outdoor activity.

Take It Anywhere

Tired of carrying many items? The sleekness of the 2 in 1 combo allows for you to pack and store the ceiling fan light efficiently. On top of that, it’s small (6.25 X 6.25 X 7.25 inches), portable, and lightweight, like any camping gear & travel accessory should be!

Sleep Better In Your Tent

The exceedingly quiet outdoor ambiance is calming. However, many struggles to fall asleep in a tent. You are not alone! It’s not only because of the quietness but because of the lack of good air ventilation and humidity. The Mallone tent fan will help increase circulation and comfort.

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