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Brush With Liquid Washing Soap Dispenser Pot | Best Choice Products

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Add liquid cleaning pot brush, liquid storage design presses out the liquid, PP bristles, strong cleaning power, easy to wash all kinds of materials, does not hurt the utensils

The liquid storage hand-held pot brush makes the boring and clean cleaning interesting

Gently press to flow out

Add a liquid cleaning brush to add the detergent to the handle

Intimate storage base for easy storage and let the brush drain naturally

Round shape, touch every corner, small size, easy to clean the gap and dirty


Product Name: Add liquid cleaning pot brush
Size: about 9.2*12.2cm
Material: PP+TPR+PS

Packing Boxes

Gross weight: 190g
Color: Grey
Style: As Shown


The liquid storage design presses the liquid, the PP bristles, the cleaning power is strong, the various materials are easy to wash, and the utensils are not damaged, which helps you to comfort the time after the meal.

Package Included:

1Soap Brush

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