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Coffee Maker Cleaning Tablets | Best Choice Products

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This descaler is a quality product suitable for all coffee machines, its descaling solution uses natural high-quality raw materials, biodegradable, and non-polluting for the environment. The Laboratory test proves it's oral toxic-free, it is up to 3 times more effective and fast to dissolve limescale deposits if compared with traditional descalers. It's therefore ideal to restore the optimal hygienic conditions of the coffee machine and safe for human beings.

This product was made mainly with citric acid


For regular cleaning only one tablet is required, allow the tablet to dissolve in warm water. Then pour the solution into your coffee maker, boil your coffee maker, ensuring that the solution does not foam out. After descaling, refill your coffee maker and boil again.

Use For:

Automate Drip Coffee Makers
Manual Press Coffee Makers
Cold Brew Coffee Machines
Stovetop Machines
Espresso Machines

Packing Included:

1 box =20 Tablets Coffee Cleaning Tablets

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