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DATA FROG Y3 Video Game Console

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Mini 620 Retro Video Games Console

PS1 Mini 620 retro video game console double gamepad 8 Bit Support AV Output family TV video game. If you want to play classic games with your good friends or family, please choose it! It can meet your requirements!

Wireless Retro Family Video Game Console

The 4K HDMI video game console is built into the 568 classic games, and the improved handle design makes the two gamepads look simpler. Bring you a retro feeling of the times. When you feel bored or want to leave a happy childhood for your child, you can choose this product to play games with your child and share happiness!

64 Bit Wireless Video Game Controller

DATA FROG 2.4G 64 bit wireless video game controller adopts HDMI output design, which can provide buyers with better high-definition images, so you can find happiness in the game, and will not affect your happy mood because the image problem is very angry! If you want to play classic games with good friends or family, remember childhood and share happiness, then please don't miss it, choose it with confidence! It can meet your requirements! It can solve everything for you when you are upset! Are you look forward to it come?

This game controller we have built-in 600 classic games, if you need a list of games, you can contact the seller to get a list of games!

600 Classic Games

DATA FROG carefully prepares 600 classic childhood games for buyers (not guaranteed to have no repetitive games). It brings together a large number of games, and the happy game will never stop! The important thing is that our video game controller can support MAME, GBA, SMD, SNES and NES formats. If you don't like our built-in games, please don't worry, you can download your favorite games in SD card (specific The steps can be viewed in our details or video) without any driver installation, easy to operate!

Support 2 Way to Connect TV

DATA FROG 2.4G wireless video game console carefully developed two TV output methods for buyers, one is to support AV output and the other is HDMI output! Please don't worry that your TV can't support it. A normal TV can use our products (please operate in the right way) Happy game is always with you! Are you looking forward to using it?

No Need to Charge the Gamepad

Low power infrared connection! This controller requires two AAA batteries. Due to safety issues during transportation, our packaging does not send batteries. Customers need to buy at a local store. Why should DATA FROG design AAA controllers for customers? According to our many years of sales experience, we believe that the lithium battery game controller has a certain life span, we want to provide you with better service and quality, the handle solution using AAA battery is the best!

Save Game Progress Instantly

This game console has designed a game save function for buyers, you can save the game or pause the game at any time. When you have free time, you can continue the progress of the last game!

How to save the game?

Press and hold the button on the handle (select+start), you will see the TV screen display to save the game progress need to select the yellow {ok }button.

Then the TV will show {Restore factory settings},you should select yellow {Local stoeage} button.

How to download the game?

  1. Create a “GAME” file in SD card.
  2. Create a GBA/MAME/NES/SEGA/SNES file in the GAME file.
  3. Put the game in the folder of the corresponding format file.
  4. Sort the game by "001,002,003,004,005....."

Tip:Please insert or remove the SD card during the power-on state.(Please remove SD card before power off)

Universal Controller

We upgraded our own handles, not only for our game consoles but also for more gaming devices. (For example: For PC/Andriod SmartPhone)

Support for Inserting Memory Cards

Downloading the game to the corresponding folder,playing the game what you download.(It must be in the format)

Tips: NO games in memory card!!

Download the step:

  1. Create a “GAME” file in the SD card.
  2. Create the GBA/MAME/NES/SEGA/SNES file in the GAME file.
  3. Put the game in the folder of the corresponding format file.
  4. Sort the game by "001,002,003,004,005....."


  1. A small number of games are Chinese or Japanese subtitles;

  2. There are a few games in MAME that will have a delay of about 3 seconds (the screen is blurred) at the beginning of the game. After 3 seconds, everything is normal, please feel free to play the game.

  3. If the 600 built-in games can't meet your needs, we will send you an electronic version of the game resources, you can download your favorite games according to your needs.

Package Include

1 x Game Console
2 x Wireless Controller
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Charge cable
1 x User manual
1 x HDMI cable
1 x Receiver

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