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Nisheng Luxurious 3D Stereo Gaming Headset | Shop For Gamers

Nisheng Luxurious 3D Stereo Gaming Headset.jpg


  1. Enjoy stereo music wirelessly

  2. Unique foldable design makes it portable

  3. Remote hands-free two-way chat

  4. HI-FI, CD sound quality

  5. Remote control to add further mobility

  6. High-sensitive, multi-directional speaker for virtual surround sound

  7. Supporting device: cellphone with Bluetooth function, iPhone, Notebook, iPad, etc

  8. Operating Distance: ≧10mm without obstruction like building or magnetic field

  9. Best Choice for listening to music, watching the movie, chatting online, etc.

  10. With SD card slot, a small SD card is enough for enjoy music any time anywhere.

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