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Sunshade Car Window Curtain | Best Choice Products

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Material: mesh, flat cloth
Colour: Black
Quantity: Paired
Weight: about 0.3kg
Size: S 5039cm, L 5047cm

A set of 2 curtains, one window.

A car usually requires 2 sets of 4 windows. If the rear window is also installed, a total of 3 sets of curtains are required.

It is recommended to have 3 sets per car.


  1. It can greatly reduce the glare and resist the ultraviolet rays harmful to the skin.

2, the track is integrated, the curtain will not leave the track

3, easy to install, no tools

4, the curtains are made of stretchable material, with very good ductility

5, can protect privacy, beautiful car

6, improve air conditioning cooling and heating effect

Package: Curtain fabric *2, track *4, Strap *2, Accessories *1;


  1. Wipe the dust with a damp cloth on the upper and lower sides of the window. After drying, align the track with the edge of the window, slowly peel off the release paper, and then slowly press the track along the arc in the arc (* Note: Pay attention to the track. The round hole is the entrance of the curtain hook, and the round hole needs to be aligned in the up and down direction on the side of the curtain fabric.

  2. After the track is installed, if the height of the curtain is too small to cause the tension of the track, please temporarily remove the cloth and wait until the track double-sided tape is fixed for 24 hours before loading the cloth to ensure that the track is not detached.

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